Taberudake Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

So this is a thing- Taberudake Date with Chiaki-

CLICK READ MORE FOR THE SONG AT THE END WHY DO I PLAY THESE WEEB GAMES? Oh wait because they're garbage. ----- Ending Song: ...

SHE RETURNS - Pocket Girlfriend 2 -

CLICK READ MORE FOR THE SONG AT THE END) She's back and here to (maybe) kill me...Or that it's an app and I'm fine. But that doesn't sound like it would ...

ZombieGirl - Gameplay + all 3 Endings!

Sequel to ZombieBoy by Karapon Games. A disease breaks out in the neighboring town and now my girlfriend is a zombie. Probably. Awkward commentary.

World of Fashion official game play trailer

Shop, style and get recognition from other players. Play World of Fashion now for FREE

Live Reaction Videos, Space Dandy Coming to Toonami Crunchyroll on Ouya, & More

Weekly Anime, Manga, Gaming News and Recommendation on AnimeCenTruL. This weeks recap, I go over the conditions of doing live reaction videos on ...

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